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Remind yourself of the negative impact it can have on your sober life and overall well-being. The holiday season can be a time of year when old friends and tempting situations arise, but it’s crucial to remember that your recovery and sobriety should always come first. To navigate the holiday season and stay on track in your sober life, it’s essential to embrace mindful approaches. This can be one of the best ways how to stay sober during the holidays all by itself. One powerful technique is practicing meditation and mindfulness to manage cravings.

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Family and Children’s Programs

Addiction Resource aims to provide only the most current, accurate information in regards to addiction and addiction treatment, which means we only reference the most credible sources available. If you have had a slip, or a series of slips, over the holidays, the most important thing you can do is talk to someone about it. Before your holiday schedule becomes packed with parties, get-togethers, family dinners, and more, commit to getting regular sleep. Many people have activities or interests that help keep them balanced. During times of stress, it can be helpful to embrace them. Tell them how you are feeling about the upcoming holiday and ask if you can call them if you feel in danger of relapsing.

sober holidays

Enjoy Sober Living

While some people experience an uptick in social engagements around the holidays, others may feel especially isolated. You may find yourself missing loved ones you have lost or who live far away. Looking for new things to serve or drink over the holidays? If you’ve been sober a long time, you may already have a go-to answer when confronted about why you don’t drink alcohol. Still, it never hurts to jot down a few more polite responses in your playbook. If you are committed to sober holidays one of the best ways to minimize stress in the moment is to practice your response ahead of time.

Meet Your Recovery Team

It’s important to protect yourself from relapse during this holiday season where the alcohol, excitement, and emotions flow more readily than usual. Sober Holidays Tip #8  Do a Recovery Zone ReCheck before the holidays get started. What situations could possibly set you on the road toward relapse? Make a plan now for how you will deal with these events; maybe you’ll go to some extra meetings before you travel, and plan to call your sponsor or a fellowship friend if anything does happen. Or maybe you’ll investigate online meetings now, before anything happens, so you can go to a meeting at a moment’s notice.

Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Spend time with people who you feel comfortable around, people who lift you up instead of bringing you down. Remind yourself that you are deserving of this connection — deserving of kindness, love, and happiness. If you’re new to sobriety, read more about how to stay sober for the Fourth of July. With treatment, people learn how to manage co-occurring disorders without the use of addictive substances.

Showcasing Your Sobriety with the SOBRLIFE

Perhaps there’s a caroling group you can join, or a holiday bazaar where people share homemade arts and crafts. Odds are, there are some fun sober ways to celebrate in your community. If you live in a colder climate, build a snowman, make snow angels, or even get in a friendly snowball fight if you’re up for it!

  • Sober Holidays Tip #15  Remember that being in recovery doesn’t mean instant heaven or a perfect life.
  • Before your holiday schedule becomes packed with parties, get-togethers, family dinners, and more, commit to getting regular sleep.
  • Remember, urges will pass and this time of year will pass.
  • Making it through the holidays without slipping back into destructive drug or drinking habits is possible.

The holiday season can be a time of year when the pressure to drink is heightened, but staying sober is essential for maintaining a sober life. Instead of relying on alcohol, find sober activities to engage in during holiday parties. By planning and bringing your transportation, sober holidays you can ensure that you have the means to leave if you feel uncomfortable or triggered by the presence of alcohol. Sanctuary at Cherry Hill is a medically proven recovery facility that provides comprehensive treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders.

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